Night Routine: Beauty Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Baby Soft Skin

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A few posts back, we shared our favorite bloggers’ daily morning routines. Although morning routines are important, you must not forget that your night routine is just as important! Check out how some of these bloggers wind down at the end of the night:


Of course Champagne is usually involved in this routine too!! With my glass of bubbly I head to our bathroom, pull my hair back and remove my eye make-up – I’m still looking for a make-up remover that works well on mascara. I then use a gentle exfoliant – every night – to clean my face and pat it dry. I apply [re]fresh eye recovery serum around my eyes and smile lines – I love how I can feel it tightening those sensitive areas and I finish with massaging my night cream all over my face, neck and chest. – Lindsey from


I make an effort to stay hydrated throughout the day, so I like to end the day with a glass of water or tea: I love Oolong, green tea with peppermint, or a delicious cup of Pakistani chai. I tie my hair up for the night, wash my face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, and make sure all my makeup is off. I use Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel on my face, do a last check of social media, and then turn off for the day. – “Samaa Ahmed from


My night routine is super similar to my morning routine, but there are a couple of differences. For starts, I prefer to take off my makeup with makeup remover—an oil based remover for my eyes and a cream based remover or remover wipe for the rest! Then I follow with the daily cleansing mask or cleanser, pore-reducing toner, hyaluronic acid serum, [re]fresh Eyee Serum, and oil-free moisturizer. I like to also alternate the moisturizer with a PM or night cream every other night. Adding an exfoliating mask or mud mask to your evening regimen at least once a week can really help improve skin texture and appearance as an added boost to your daily routine. – Christina Dozier from The Beauty Closet


At night my routine is quite similar to my morning routine. I cleanse my face with Michael Todd’s – Charcoal Detox, put on Refresh Skin Therapy’s – Peptide + Intense Eye Recovery Serum, and hydrate with Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost. I also will sometimes do a face mask at night, and will always use a Toner, such as Rodan & Fields – Redefine. I have found doing my Toner at night works better for me, as so not to end up just sweating it right off (as it gets very hot here in the South!) – amy by


How does your daily night routine differ or relate to your morning routine? Let us know down below!