Dryuary: Your Skin Will Thank You

posted in: Skincare tips

The British trend of Dryuary (Dry January) has finally made it stateside. This is the trend of going alcohol-free for the entire month of January, and is promoted to help your body recover from some of the excesses that the holidays can bring (parties, late-nights, a few extra apps and drinks almost every night!).


There is some science to back up their claims: research has shown that of people who quit drinking in January tend to sleep better, lose weight, and even end up drinking less than they used to  – even after January was over. People who stuck with it for the whole month lost an average of 3-4 pounds. What stood out to us is than 54% said their skin looked and felt better!!


According to the doctor who ran the study, Dr. Richard de Visser from the University of Sussex, his study participants showed:



  • 58% said they lost weight.
  • 57% reported better concentration.
  • 54% said they had better skin.
  • 88% said they saved money.
  • 80% felt more in control of their drinking.
  • 71% realized they don’t need a drink to enjoy themselves.
  • 71% reported sleeping better.
  • 67% said they had more energy.