Oily Skin, Acne Scar Treatment and African American Skin: From Our Mailbag

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Q: I’m interested in your products because of the natural ingredients used instead of chemicals. I have several issues I’m trying to address and I’d like your advice as to what’s the best kit to buy. I am African American so I’m concerned about further scarring. My face is oily, severe acne scars, widespread dark spots, cystic acne primarily on my chin and dry, sensitive skin on my cheeks. I’ve had previous success years ago with chemical peels but I can’t afford to continue those treatments. Would your products work for me? If so, what would you suggest?


A: Thanks so much for your email and taking the time to describe your skin issues. I think the best way for you would be to make your own combo solution, and I’ll explain. For oily skin that needs to tackle acne as well as scarring, we recommend these steps:
1. Cleanse with the Pre-Peel Rose Glow Cleanser
2. Wipe skin with the Salicylic 2% Peel on a cotton square
3. Apply the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel and leave for 3-5 minutes (but no more than 10 minutes)
4. Rinse with cool water
I recommend cleansing and then using the Salicylic peel since the Salicylic is a liquid, and can be wiped over skin – kind of like a super-charged toner and really removes all traces of oil and makeup. Since if any oil left on the skin, that prevents the fruit acid peel from working. Basically the peel would float on top of any oil and won’t get to work deep to clear pores and to fading scars.
During the summer I use this routine myself, since my skin gets really oily. The salicylic can also be used daily, in between the fruit acid treatments, to fight off acne. And – even though all of our peels should normally we rinsed off with water (the water is what neutralizes them so they don’t keep working after you want them to stop) – the Salicylic can be left on as a spot treatment overnight (NOT all over, but just on any active acne spots) . That is a like swiss army knife against acne, and it really works.
All of our peels are formulated for dark sensitive skin, by having a lower percentage of acid. We know that higher percentages can burn and risk further scarring dark skin, which often is the most sensitive skin type. The upside is, less risk of hurting yourself and scarring skin, as well as less chance of visible peeling, since its more gradual (like sheets of skin peeling off after a sunburn, which is not so pretty).
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